I am a Spanish Telecommunications engineer with broad experience in tech consultancy and financial services IT.

In 2011, I discovered data journalism and became a data addict freelance developer. I love turning data upside down and inside out, trying to extract knowledge out of it. More comfortable with backend tasks, but also a big D3 fan, which I have used to create some nice interactive visualizations.

In Spain we did not have a "freedom of information access" law until December 2014, so I have been writing scraper scripts to unlock government data for a while, in order to make the information available in a more comprehensive format to citizens. To do so I enjoy working with Python (Requests and Beautifulsoup), Ruby (Mechanize and Nokogiri) and recently with Phamtomjs to work around ajax sites.

I have also trained journalists in Spain and abroad in tools that allow them to find stories and work more efficiently in their data related projects.

I strongly believe that open data, transparency and accountability will play a key role in shaping the future of modern societies.

When not around my computer you can find me travelling, having a looong conversation with friends or swimming in the ocean.

2015 is going to be a great year!! I was selected as a 2015 Knight-Mozilla fellow ( check out the program here). I will join La Nacion Data Team to work on cool data journalism projects.

This blog has been set up to share my experience throughout this year, please feel free to contact me through social media or by email