Training sessions

Training in Nairobi I enjoy sharing my knowledge and trying to help others being more productive in their projects, can't help that, is in my mother was an English teacher.

I like to make the sessions really hands-on since that is the only way to actually learn things, we learn by doing not by watching others.

I have trained some newsroom staff and university students in tools that would help them get started in their data adventures. Scraping tools, OpenRefine, Regular Expressions, Excel methodology and pivot tables sugar, Google Fusion Tables,, DataWrapper even some D3 to the more advanced learners.

Here are some organizations where I have been performing training sessions in recent years.

El Mundo Uned grupo de periodismo de datos medialab

Asociación de prensa de Madrid El País Universidad de Vigo

Internews Kenya master de investigación unidad editorial

Depending on the prior technical knowledge of the audience I can adapt my sessions from basic non-technical tools (CommandLine...what's that??) to more advanced visualization and data wrangling tools.

If you think your organization can profit, and believe me it will!!, from a hands-on training session with tools that will help them be more productive working with data, you can contact me through social media or by email